1. The right to Admission in all/any of the Sports programmes is reserved with The Sportstar Welfare Foundation (Registered)
2. All the players/trainees will have to adhere to the scheduled timings and maintain discipline of the Academy as well as the decorum of the School/Playfield.
3. During Coaching all the players/trainees must be in their playing kit/proper kit to be issued by the Academy at the time of admission.
4. Balls, Playing apparatus, specialized coaching will be provided by the Academy.
5. Players must carry I-Card / Gate Pass issued to them every time they enter the school premises/playfield.
6. Parents and visitors are not allowed in the school campus/Playfields during coaching hours. If the space is available, then the parents may view the session/coaching from a neutral viewing area at the edge and not in between the fields / courts etc from a suitable distance.
7. Only players and Coaches are allowed in the fields at all times.
8. All the players must take care of their belongings / valuables, in case of any loss, The School Authorities, The Sportstar Welfare Foundation, Coaches and other staff would not be held responsible at all.
9. Parents are not allowed to visit the coaches during the coaching hours: However they may take an appointment in advance as the coaches may have to report at other emergencies.
10. The Sportstar Welfare Foundation reserves the right to expel any student without any notification, who doesn't follow these rules & regulations.
11. The Sportstar Welfare Foundation, the School authorities and coaches would not be responsible for any injury that may take place during the hours of coaching and matches, in and out of Delhi.
12. TSWF Reserves the Right to change the coaching time without any prior notification.
13. Fees should be submitted before 10th of every month.
14. TSWF reserves the Right to cancel any class due to unavoidable circumstances, i.e. Rain or Thunder and NO Compensatory class/session will be given for the same.
15. TSWF reserves the Right to Change the timings / days of the classes as per season/emergency.