w.e.f 1st April 2023

ONE TIME ADMISSION FEE FOR ALL OUR YEARLY SPORTS/GAMES IS 2100/- (Existing Player/members already enrolled for any yearly Sport/Game are NOT REQUIRED TO PAY ADMISSION FEE AGAIN, In Case of a GAP of more than 3 months, It could be renewed by 500/-)

For Badminton:
Coaching Fee:
9,000 (Quarterly-For 3 days a week, 1 hour batch)
4000 (Monthly)
Advance Level:
Rs15,000 (Quarterly-For 3 days a week, 2 hours batch)
6000 (Monthly)

For Cricket:
Coaching Fee:
5100 (Quarterly, Mon-Wed-Fri, 2 hour)
2000 (Monthly, Mon-Wed-Fri, 2 hour)

For Basketball/Football:
Coaching Fee:
5100 (Quarterly, Tue-Thu-Sat, 2 hour)
2000 (Monthly, Tue-Thu-Sat, 2 hour)

For Skating:
Coaching Fee:
5100 (Quarterly, Mon-Wed-Fri, 1 hour)
2000 (Monthly, Mon-Wed-Fri, 1 hour)

In case of per day sessions (joining in the mid of any month/Discontinuation of sessions for any reason/s, 250 per session will be charged.)

Transport Fees: AS PER CAB PROVIDER (Subject to Availability and Distance)

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